loving, provocative, empowering

"The highest skill a human being can acquire is learning
to understand, because to understand is freedom."
Baruch Spinoza 1650 AD

Executive & Business Coaching

Understand more about yourself, your business and the context. Taking control (again). What to do to feel better and achieve your goals? Lead yourself and others. In our coaching, we'll explore your questions and needs, personal and business. In a safe environment I'll stimulate, challenge and confront you, to unleash your power and understanding. Coaching works! As an experienced and educated coach, we'll quickly reach your key needs and themes. My coaching style is loving, honest, direct and provocative. My experience and expertise is deep and long as a coach, consultant and executive. I'm an accredited Senior Practitioner with EMCC and achieved two relevant Masters' in Business Administration and in Executive coaching from Ashridge Business School in the UK. In addition, I'm certified in instruments as Management Drives, Saville Wave, Belbin, MBTI, DISC. Every coaching process starts with an intake call.


Wherever you are in the world, I'm happy to help you, via online coaching or face-to-face. I do have access to offices all around the world. The process starts with an introductory call to discuss coaching for yourself or a colleague or team. We analyze in the call your needs and a suitable possible coaching process. If you feel confident about our process together, you will receive a proposal and an invoice for confirmation. I do offer two standard programs and tailormade: 1. Short, Intense and Powerful: two longer sessions (4-5 hours in total), € 1.150,- ex BTW; 2. Personal Power: average five sessions (10 hours in total), € 2.500,- ex BTW; 3. Custom-made: € 275- per hour ex BTW. Over the past years I supported many executives, entrepreneurs and senior managers from start-ups, scale-ups, established companies, multinationals, private and public, in various industries, such as ICT, e-Commerce, Software, Education, Justice, and High-tech.

EMCC Senior Practitioner

January 2022. Hans-Jaap Moes is accredited as a “Senior Practitioner” coach by the leading Coaching and Mentoring development and accreditation organisation EMCC Global, www.emccglobal.org

Positive Health Coaching

April 2024. For cancer patients and their loved ones, we offer group-coaching from our Pluk-de-Dag Foundation, free of charge, The Pluk-de-Dag Foundation organises inpiring, infomrative and supportive events for Cancer patients and their relatives and friends, who after an intense medical treatment need to build up their (new) lifes again and want to take control and build up their (new) lifes. About the Positive Health methods and movement, www.iph.nl

Positive Health and coaching

April 2024. Machteld Huber has developed a model for Positive Health with Six dimensions. These six dimensions help us to look at health differently than through a traditional medical view. This model helps cancer-patients in coaching to assess themselves as a human being, in a broader perspective not only as a patient. www.iph.nl www.iph.nl

Liquidware 2024 vision

January 2024. Liquidware, www.liquidware.eu, is an international software-company in the Workspace Management industry. Liquidware Europe is based in Amsterdam and going through a phase of rapid growth. Substantial customers in the Care-industry and local Governments, sign up for Liquidware workspace solutions. VP of EU Sales Morteza Esteki is positive about 2021. Although the Covid-19 crisis is slowing down processes, many organisations are experiencing how crucial workspace management is for all these people working from home. Supporting Liquidware leadership and team is a privilege.

Column “The Psychologist”

On request of chief-editor Vittorio Busato, Hans-Jaap Moes published a column in the Journal of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists, March 2020, a special edition about forensic care. The column covers a “Zorgconferentie” (“Care-conference”), a multidisciplinary consultation meeting about a TBS forensic client. Together with the client, professional practitioners, stakeholders, external experts and his/her lawyer, the situation of a the client is discussed and a treatment plan formulated. Safety of society and individual ambitions are key themes. In 2019, 110 of such consultations took place. www.tijdschriftdepsycholoog/wat-doen-we-met-kevin/

People Power Radio

January 2024. Participation of Hans-jaap Moes, July 2022, in the radio program People Power about “money and faith”, together with Hendrik Noten, author of “Phantom Growth”. People Power is presented every Monday from 15:00 to 17:00 by Glenn van der Burg co-host Harry Starren. The program focuses on work improvers such as Coaches, (HR)Managers, Executives and Professionals who want to make their organization perform better and make their people happier in their work. People Power will be broadcast live on the internet radio station New Business Radio. The podcast can be listened to via www.businessradio.nl

Leadership Coach in Jail

January 2024. Since 2018, Hans-Jaap Moes has been involved as a Leadership-coach at the penitentiary institution in Alphen aan de Rijn. This largest prison in the Netherlands has over 1000 employees and counts more than 60 managers and leaders. It is a privilege to support the managers and leaders of the PI-Alphen, www.dji.nl/locaties/penitentiaire-inrichtingen/pi-alphen-aan-den-rijn/index.aspx

Diploma Coach Positive Health

Together with other boardmemebers of Foundation Pluk-de-Dag, Hans-Jaap receive his accreditation as a Basis-Coach Positive Health, from the Institute of Positive Health, IPH, www.iph.nl

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