Time to change

We all know when it’s time to change. Why hesitating? Fuzzy situations, unclear goals, no time, no money or fears to take up responsibility? If nothing is done, the motivation and energy disappear. For help or inspiration, you may need a people and business coach to pull things off. This might be me. Do call me for a non-commital introduction-meeting. Looking forward to meet you, Hans-Jaap Moes

People coach

Our Coaching is honest and direct. Discussions that challenge, offer a mirror and make you "aha!" about insights and understanding, as individual and team. Our coaching is not always fun, but works; to become stronger. We offer relational and socratic coaching since 1987, EMCC accredited. When relevant we use Management Drives, Saville Wave, Belbin, MBTI, DISC and more.

Business coach

Being co-entrepreneur is our role as a business coach. Understand the goals and help to make roadmaps and actionplans to achieve results. I've been "business coching" since 1987, in different industries, developing Business plans and strategies, Mentoring entrepreneurs to do the right things.

interim manager

Being valuable from day one, taking over an existing role and make a difference; that's our mission and passion as an interim manager. Interim Management is a very rewarding challenge. We've filled in positions in HRM and Learning in different companies & organisations. Our expertise and experience includes new technologies, software IT and related "new economy".

Socrates BV

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