Diploma Coach Positive Health

Together with other boardmemebers of Foundation Pluk-de-Dag, Hans-Jaap receive his accreditation as a Basis-Coach Positive Health, from the Institute of Positive Health, IPH, www.iph.nl

EMCC Senior Practitioner

January 2022. Hans-Jaap Moes is accredited as a “Senior Practitioner” coach by the leading Coaching and Mentoring development and accreditation organisation EMCC Global, www.emccglobal.org

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Positive Health Coaching

April 2024. For cancer patients and their loved ones, we offer group-coaching from our Pluk-de-Dag Foundation, free of charge, The Pluk-de-Dag Foundation organises inpiring, infomrative

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Positive Health and coaching

April 2024. Machteld Huber has developed a model for Positive Health with Six dimensions. These six dimensions help us to look at health differently than

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Liquidware 2024 vision

January 2024. Liquidware, www.liquidware.eu, is an international software-company in the Workspace Management industry. Liquidware Europe is based in Amsterdam and going through a phase of

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Column “The Psychologist”

On request of chief-editor Vittorio Busato, Hans-Jaap Moes published a column in the Journal of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists, March 2020, a special edition

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People Power Radio

January 2024. Participation of Hans-jaap Moes, July 2022, in the radio program People Power about “money and faith”, together with Hendrik Noten, author of “Phantom

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