Law Enforcement Champion

Parkius, is one of the founders of digital parking enforcement in THe Netherlands, since 2008. In 2019 Parkius joined forces with Redora, developer of the digital surveillance and enforcement platform Redline. The result is a Dutch marketleader with many Smart City solutions for the coming decennia. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Parkius has a total staff of around 25 employees people, all experienced professionals. It’s a privilege to have been involved in the growth and development of Parkius over the past years.

Pluk de Dag Coaching

We’re offering free coaching sessions for people affected by cancer, direct or indirect via a family-member or close friend. Sessions are in Dutch and are

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Liquidware 2021 vision

Liquidware,, is an international software-company in the Workspace Management industry. Liquidware Europe is based in Amsterdam and going through a phase of rapid growth.

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Coach Positive Health

As a coach and board member of Stichting the Pluk de Dag, a foundation that organizes events and coaching for those affected by cancer, it

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Detention Centre Alphen

Since april 2018, we’re supporting management at the detention centre in Alphen aan de Rijn. Cees Niessen is the Location Director since january 2019. The

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Column “The Psychologist”

On request of chief-editor Vittorio Busato, Hans-Jaap Moes published a column in the Journal of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists, March 2020, a special edition

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