Nothing is more exciting than starting your own business. Will I/we be able to make our dreams come true? Will the market buy our products? How to develop our products and services to a next level? How to survive and grow our business? Good mentors and coaches are crucial for startups and scale-ups. Expertise and experience from people who have been there, done it, know the pitfalls and risks, that’s what startups and scale-ups need to know.

Once the business of a startup is successful, a phase starts of (fast) growth, in people and revenue. The start-up transitions in a scale-up with a new set of challenges, processes and priorities. The organisational dimension of the company becomes extremely important.

Socrates has been involved in start-ups and scale-ups for almost 30 years; fast-growing companies, with their challenges, their needs and changing culture and structure. With an emphasis on IT and Business Services, Socrates has been active in Retail, Hospitality and Care-industry, public and private sector.

Socrates expertise and experience is to help scale-ups prioritise and understand the (organisational) choices they need to make on their people, leadership, strategy, structure, processes and systems to become an established successful company with an exit strategy or other ambition.