Coaching is a effective and rewarding way to make people, teams and organisations to be successful and grow; their strengths, their leadership and performance, as an individual or a team. (Executive) Coaching is effective as it relates to the specific context, situation, challenges and solutions of the individual coachee and/or the team. Over the past 30 years I’ve been coaching people and teams in many different roles. As an independent coach, but also in HR-Director roles, I’m coaching business leaders, country managers, HR-managers and different professionals. I worked in different industries in Europe the US and Asia.

I’m an Accredited Executive Coach from Ashridge Business School in the UK. I’m in the first place a Relational and Socratic Coach. Depending on the kind of challenges and goals, I might use other techniques and instruments, like psychometric testing, 360° Leadership questionnaires, Belbin Teamtest, Myers Briggs personality typing, Thomas-Killmann conflict-preferences, etc. I’m accredited to use those instruments as a coach and consultant. I’m also a member of NOBCO, the Dutch Coaching association.

I’m a passionate coach who understands the challenges of the business environment in many aspects. Our coaching process starts with a (non-committal) intake interview. Is this my coach? Do I trust him? Does he have enough experience and expertise to help me solving my challenges and make me grow? If this intake is positive, the process continues with a set of average 6 interviews/discussions to achieve the goals we set to together for the coachingtrack.

Please call or email if you’re interested:, + 31 651 083 803.