Culture eats strategy for breakfast

On Tuesday March 10, 2016, Hans-Jaap was invited for an executive dinner by Harvard Business Publishing in Hotel L’Europe in Amsterdam. During an evening of networking and discussion, Didier Bonnet, with …

Conference Learning Technologies 2015 in Olympia London

Participated in the yearly conference on Learning Technologies. Technology does change our way of living and learning and will do drastically in this year. Although the Google Glass experiment was stopped, the industry of “WEARABLES” is in full swing producing helmets, watches, baby-detectors, glasses, sports gear, etc. etc. that measures, controls, informs, warns and educates in many professional fields and industries. The movement of wearables has only yet started.

Fons Trompenaars on the NOBCO New Years event

Intercultural Management Guru Fons Trompenaars challenged the Coaches of the Dutch Coaching Association NOBCO about cultural change as cultural enrichment and why many mergers and acquisitions fail.

Qalumma information systems

Hans-Jaap Moes visited again with the Qalumma team October 27 to discuss possible cooperation with the revolutionary Qalumma Information System, Organisations can create and control their own central source of …